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Welcome to the website of the GSA. We're a well-established and successful UK sailing association whose aim is to make the pleasures of sailing in the UK easily available to all. We provide a cost-effective way of getting onto the water in safe, well-equipped boats. It doesn't matter if you're already a seasoned sailor just itching to get back on board and out on the ocean wave, or if you're tentatively thinking of dipping your toe into the water for the first time - the GSA can provide the opportunity you're looking for...

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Joining GSA

We're keen to make sure that everyone who joins gets involved as quickly as possible – this might be by meeting other members locally or on board. Follow the Click to Join link below for details of Welcome Events – including special offers.

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News of our new boat, the 2012 Round-the-Island Race and training opportunities

Sailors' Tales

"And a fine mess you got me into, Brian!!!!  Yes, it is with sincere thanks to our Fleet Manager for assessing my suitability and nominating me to join the GSA; and THEN to add insult to injury Sa..."


2014 - A Very Good Year

2014 Sailing to Corfu, Albania, Lefkas and D-Day Beaches. Also sailing in the Solent with a Ladies Cruise and a Skills Development Cruise. In April, I started my third RYA L...

London Boat Show promo

Follow this link to see the promo video for the "Exciting new look London Boat Show" How much it tells you about the "new look" is distinctly questionable but you might en...

2 Day New Members Cruise

Since becoming a coastal skipper this year I have done 2 of 4 new members cruises in Solent Flame1V. Both have been a great success with the weather being sunny and plent...